Little Bird, Scared Silly

The other day, a Little Bird all of 3 inches long flew into our home. Two of our doors had been left open, and the poor creature, suddenly finding itself in this “new dimension”, was scared silly!

So silly, that instead of instinctively turning around and flying back out the way it came in, Little Bird decided to flutter around from perch to perch. Two large doors loomed wide open in front of it, but instead of flying out, it kept flying higher and higher as if the roof would somehow magically open and let it out!

At one point, Little Bird found the ventilator window that is shut tight permanently, and kept banging against it even though its wings were getting hurt. Once exhausted from the effort, it settled down on a wire, and tried calling out to its friends for help. Sadly, none of them ventured in to the rescue.

All this while, I was gently telling the bird to calm down, look at the open door ahead, and fly out through it – by this point, we had three open doors, and almost every window in the house was open. I even tried creeping closer to the bird to see if I could catch it gently and carry it out. But the closer I inched, the further it flew in desperation.

Finally, losing patience, I told the bird, “Ok, enough trying to be gentle with you. The only thing left for me to do is to scare you.” So I clapped my hands and raised my voice… and right enough, Little Bird immediately flew straight out of the door it hadn’t seen before!

You probably know where I’m going with this. Little Bird is so much like us. Sometimes we land ourselves in trouble as a result of our own mistakes and and find ourselves in an uncomfortable place. When we do, our immediate response must be to get back out the same way we got in.

But if you find yourself too deep in already, don’t panic, hurt yourself, get deeper into the problem, and make things worse. Don’t furiously try venting it out on anything that appears close to freedom, getting hurt in the process, and blame satan for everything. Don’t expect anyone to help get you out, because they don’t know the place you are in, and as much as they would like to help get you out, most often they can’t. Don’t wait for the Father to scare you in order to force you out of the place you’re in.

CALM DOWN and LISTEN to the Father with His still, small voice directing you. Instead of running away from Him, thinking He’s out to get you and punish you, let Him pick you up in His gentle hands and carry you out to safety and freedom!

Photo Credit: INDIA’S BIRDS