Hello, we are Jasher & Janie Benjamin

with a three-fold vision to Encourage, Equip, and Empower.

About Us

Together, we run Kingdom Creations Media and lead the Altar Nations worship ministry [that facilitates Lift One Voice and Audience of One worship events, gathering the church together in unity]. We also lead the teams behind Teenistan (an annual teens event), as well as a youth value-ed and life skills program called LIFT Youth. We take active leadership in various catalytic movements, both in Chennai and around the world.

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A Prayer for Peace

From the human perspective, all wars are fought for Politics, Power, Property, Pride, Pennies, Protection, Punishment, or Piety. From the biblical perspective, God allows war to fulfil His Plans and Purposes. All said and done, war always boils down to a humanitarian issue and the victims of war are always People – often poor and innocent people. So as a human, my first and immediate response should be to Pray for the Peace and Protection of all innocent People, no matter on which side. But it doesn’t end there.

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