& Empower

We are Worship Catalysts, Innovators in Teens and Youth Ministry, and Digital Media Specialists with a three-fold vision to Encourage, Equip, and Empower.

Together, we run Kingdom Creations Media and lead the Altar Nations worship ministry [that facilitates Lift One Voice and Audience of One worship events, gathering the church together in unity]. We also lead the teams behind Teenistan (an annual teens event), as well as a youth value-ed and life skills program called LIFT Youth. We take active leadership in various catalytic movements, both in Chennai and around the world.




Little Bird, Scared Silly

The other day, a Little Bird all of 3 inches long flew into our home. Two of our doors had been left open, and the


A Leader I Honour

A while back, we attended the Global Leadership Summit held in South Chennai, and while we enjoyed the two days of learning and networking, much

Hold My Hand

“Hold My Hand”

When I couldn’t sleep as a child, I would often reach out under the covers to my mother, saying, “Hold my hand…”. The other night,

Setbacks and Destiny

Are Setbacks Blocking Your Destiny?

During a very disturbed night drifting in and out of sleep, I heard something inspiring that I feel an urge to share. I hope this


The Journey Has Only Just Begun

This was a word the Lord gave us the morning before we led worship at a church. Unknown to us, the church was ordaining leaders


The Whistler

We decided to take our first break from routine in a long time, celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. Our choice of destination: Munnar, “God’s Own