The Whistler

We decided to take our first break from routine in a long time, celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. Our choice of destination: Munnar, “God’s Own Country”! 🙂

It was dusk, and the forest had erupted with the incessant chirp of crickets as we crossed Munnar town and drove on towards our lovely little homestay, when all of a sudden we heard a sweet yet distinct whistle above the din. Surprised, both of us looked at each other immediately and asked, “What’s that?” It seemed to follow us through the aromatic spice gardens and forest. First here, then there, now gentle, now shrill… so human, yet improbable!

Intrigued, I stuck my head out the window and began to whistle back, and much to my joy, heard the reply loud and clear! So we conversed, whistling back and forth, until the anonymous reply was an exact an imitation of mine. We could “speak” the same language!

We figured by then that it had to be a bird of some sort, like a parrot or a mocking jay. So we Googled it as quickly as we could, and found that it was the Malabar Whistling Thrush, aka “The Whistling Schoolboy”, so named for its human-like whistle.

The next couple of days this bird continued to entertain, waking us up at dawn, accompanying us on our drives, and closing our days with beautiful song. This creature, although so small, brought us tremendous joy.

The whistler brought to my mind my own relationship with God. I wondered if among all the clamour of this world, when I worship, He turns ear to listen, asking, “What’s that?” Is my worship a “sweet, sweet sound” in His ear? When He hears me worship, does it move Him to communicate with me more?

And do I follow Him passionately wherever He leads, listening attentively for His voice? Do I tune into the same frequency, echoing His voice? Does my song give Him immense joy and pleasure? Do I offer Him worship first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and last thing at night?

I don’t know about you, but I wanted with all my heart to be a whistler too!